PLB Media expands capabilities to serve property developers

Melvin Lim and Adrian Lim, both Prison officers turned realtors 16 years ago, started PropertyLimBrothers Media in 2K18 after 11 years in the property trade and eventually founded PLB Realty last year. The duo decided to start their own business as they have qualms about the method properties were marketed in the trade— why has it always been done the same traditional and old school method?

The Lims were the ones who initiated home tours with a presenter via video in Singapore. Melvin himself has been the main presenter in 2,069 videos produced by PLB Media in the past six years. Melvin and Adrian then went individual and established their own company PropertyLimBrothers, which includes their real estate agency arm PLB Realty and creative arm PLB Media. Melvin explains that PLB Media started operation in 2K18 and started off as a production house to solve a problem in the market – why homes are marketed so traditionally.“Homes are one of the biggest assets people own in their lifetime. The core value of PLB Media and the reason we allocate manpower and energy to craft such a video is to present a home’s greatest value through creative video home tours. We utilize tech and research to maintain on top of trends and with our 3D Architectural Visualisation Technology, produce homes digitally. With 3D and Visual Effects, we construct spaces that may not exist. We are selling a dream that is possible to achieve through our 3D visualisation tech,” says Melvin, who is the co-founder and CEO of PropertyLimBrothers. Grayce Tan, senior marketing manager of PropertyLimBrothers, adds: “The point [of producing the videos] is to sell a home through story telling and imagination. We give alternate suggestion to any enquiries or feedback received in the home tour video, such as price point, tenure, facing, and more. Home tour videos enable us to filter off buyers, and to lure buyers who are really keen in the unit.”

PropertyLimBrothers have been publishing more than thousands of video digitally, effectively presenting and properties get transacted islandwide in Singapore. After PropertyLimBrothers fortified its branding within the consumer market and inflated its media team, developers started to notice their success and express maximum interest. Today as a full-fledged creative agency that focuses on real estate, PLB Media has grown from just a small team of videographers and video editors, to now a team of more than 60 people, further improving their abilities in data analysis, 3D architectural visualisation and motion graphics. At PropertyLimBrothers’ Landed Convention in May, Marc Chan, director of sales and VP of operations at PropertyLimBrothers, explained that there has been an improvement in joint-venture. With developers now scouting PLB Media to enhance their marketing gameplans, the creative house now sees more visibility and capability to serve the larger B2B market moving forward.“In the past, our focus was to support our inhouse realtors and direct home sellers. But now with our creative agency we have more established resources to cater to our developer partners too,” says Marc. 375 attendees were attracted with the sponsored event, with 18 landed developers and partners presenting more than 100 landed listings. It created an awareness, as well as a paradigm shift, for PLB Media to show that its abilities are not restricted to just serving home sellers, but are expandable to even the developers. Grayce elaborated that developers typically market their properties in a traditional manner – building show flats and engaging joint marketing agents. While this has been effective for many years, Grayce posits that more can be done in project marketing. Grayce also mentioned that developers need not appoint PLB Realty’s realtors to sell the property to engage PLB Media for their marketing needs. The marketing collateral designed are available for the developer to disseminate to their joint marketing agencies for the new launch project.

While PLB Media crafted and produced content to showcase to consumers, it too has several social media platforms, with over 160,000 unique property fanatic followers eyeballing their page. “We only put up relevant content pertaining to real estate on our social media platforms, so we have created an unique and organic followers and community that is enthusiastic about it to join us on our socials,” says Grayce.

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